From Tim in KS

Here is my story! we live in eastern Kansas-south of KC 50 miles. Not a lot of log homes back here-but my father lives in central Idaho-- friends in southern Missouri both have log homes. I have spent a lot of time in your country so I am very familiar with log homes, chinking and different coating products.

We built our ranch style home 20 years ago and used cedar lap siding on it. needless to say it was literally falling off by 09' so here is what we did. a friend in Idaho owns a saw mill and I had him cut a whole load of fir into full 2" x 10" boards. we hauled them back to Kansas, ricked the up and dried them for 6-8 months. After they had properly dried I started the process of precutting everything to fit the house, following that we stained all sides of each board- and then applied 3 coats of your sealer to ALL sides of each board. After they were all installed we put one more top coat on the outside surface and then started the chinking process. I will tell you that I was dreading this part--however you sent me the stuff in 5 gal. pails-- used a bulk gun--and the disc to fill the gun. IT WAS SIMPLE!! We are very proud of what the final product has turned out.

My opinion is that you have the BEST product out there. the water base stuff was so much easier to deal with but when it dried its thick--shines and to this day there is no where on my house that needs any attention. Back here we have to deal with major humidity. By sealing all sides of every board the sealer has kept anything from cracking or checking. I have just watched my friend have a contractor restore his cabin. sandblast, re chink and refinish the entire cabin. Holy cow- I can only think that if he would have used Perma chink products he still might have a fat billfold. anyway thanks for your product. I know where to go when its time for a little touch up.. have a great day.

Tim D., KS

Tim D

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