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I have had the pleasure of being associated with Perma-Chink Systems for almost my entire working career.  I can say that the people and products at PCS have made it a most enjoyable experience. I have seen this product line go through many changes over the last 23 years, with the key emphasis on quality and dependability. Perma-Chink log home chinking is far and away the industry standard for synthetic mortar. My customers have often told me that they refuse to use any other brand. It is easy to apply even for homeowners and beginners, which is a big plus for me when recommending this product. Its durability and strength are unsurpassed. When people are putting their hearts and souls into their “dream home”, you need a product that can deliver results.

PCS’s line of log home finishes are by far and away the most bang for your buck in the industry. Ease of application and performance again are key selling points of these products. When you make your living selling log home stain, you need to believe in that product. I believe in Lifeline Finishes!

The performance of all of these products makes my job easier, but customer support from PCS is paramount. Greg Sweets’ service to Timeless Wood Care Products over the years has been nothing short of phenomenal. We have many vendors (freight, caulk guns, furniture, etc.) and I can say that Greg beats them all, hands down. If I place an order with Greg, I have confidence that it will arrive in an accurate and timely manner EVERYTIME. If for some reason there is a rare problem, Greg will take care of it, no questions asked.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Dave Dikeman
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