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In 2014 we constructed a log home in Nebo, North Carolina. This area is located within the Western North Carolina mountain ranges.  Prior to the start of construction an extensive research on materials and products for use on new log home was performed. After thorough evaluation we selected Perma-Chink products for both interior and exterior areas of our home.
We were amazed to find out not only the products were of high quality the application technically superior and the results were beautiful. We had the opportunity to use Perma-Chink materials such as Ultra-7 stain, Log End Seal, and Energy Seal caulking; the Log Wash application had great results. In addition, we were overwhelmed with the professional level and support extended to my contractor and myself by Mr. Greg Sweets of the Knoxville office. 
Greg has been instrumental over the years in helping us with everything from basic product knowledge all the way to understanding the science behind your products to insure optimum results.  We don't recall support representatives from any other company ever being as available and helpful as he has been.
In today's competitive business we found Perma-Chink’s customer service to be most refreshing, and as much of a Lifeline as the product name implies. In addition, it is good to know that Perma-Chink does perform training for the required products for the average home do-it-yourselfer to take on this task and opportunity within a comfortable environment. 
I would like to once again acknowledge Mr. Greg Sweets for his knowledge and his eagerness to assist us with all of Perma-Chink’s products.
In closing, we intend to continue to use and recommend Perma-Chink Systems and consult with the Perma-Chink family to insure soundness and beauty of our log home.  
Barbara & Ron M. 
Nebo, NC

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