Sealing Your Interior With Perma-Chink

Do you wonder about how to seal those drafts in your home? Or how to stop some bugs from continually getting inside?sealinginterior2

It very well could be a break in the interior seal of your home. Perma-Chink Systems’ sealants are not exclusively for exterior work, and you can benefit from properly sealing the interior of your log or timber home. Fully sealing the interior of your home with Perma-Chink will also prevent energy waste from escaping heat in the winter and cool air in the summer.


Gaps exist not only between your home’s logs, but also around framed walls and many other home features. Features like chimneys and fireplaces, stairs, doors, and windows are all trouble spots for areas of intrusion and gaps to develop. For these gaps, we recommend backer rod and Perma-Chink for it’s texture and available color options. It's easy to apply with simple tools. With a tube of Perma-Chink, a small metal spatula, and a spray bottle, it's very easy for a homeowner to get professional-looking results sealing your home interior.sealinginterior1

Chimneys and fireplaces can be overlooked as a cause for drafts. As homes settle and logs shift with the seasons and time, masonry work can separate from logs, opening up gaps. Utilizing Perma-Chink and backer rod, these gaps can be resealed and look natural with the right color. Interior masory has the distinction of being a focal point in many large homes, so keeping gaps closed helps keep the aesthetic beauty of your home intact, and also eliminates hiding spaces for bugs.

One last area that can be a nusiance area are the unsealed seams at floor level. For hardwood floors, applying Perma-Chink between the floor and bottom log can provide a flexible seal that should withstand the expansion and contraction of the floor. sealingfloor

For more detailed application tips and techniques, check out this guide.

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