The ONE-and-ONLY Log Home Chinking You Need to Know - PERMA-CHINK!

Introducing Advanced Formula - BLISTER-PROOF and NO-SLUMP!

Through a molecular technology breakthrough, Perma-Chink Systems created a blister-proof, no-slump log home chinking that provides superior adhesion and elongation, is heat and age resistant and yet is highly workable for ease of application.

Perma-Chink was the first synthetic log chinking produced in 1981. There have been many significant changes made in formulations to improve the adhesion, flexibility, and longevity.

Tooling chinking smooth

For the past two years Perma-Chink Systems intensively researched and tested adhesion, elongation, workability, heat resistance and process stability of Perma-Chink chinking. These extensive studies concluded successfully when our chemists were able to incorporate molecular breakthrough technology to create a blister proof, no-slump log home chinking that provides superior adhesion, is heat and age resistant and yet is highly workable for ease of application.

Today’s Perma-Chink offers excellent qualities in all areas to meet the needs of the industry.

  • Highly Elastic – Stretches to Accommodate Log Movement
  • Great Viscosity–Tools Easy in Low and High Temperatures
  • Will not Slump – Applied Film Stability
  • Blister Proof – Excellent Heat Resistance
  • Great Adhesion – Resists Separation from Logs
  • Low VOC – Environmentally Friendly
  • Freeze/Thaw Stable
  • Beautiful Color Palette to Match Shades and Hues of Today’s Finishes


The RHEOLOGY of Perma-Chink

Using a chink pump

Theoretical aspects of rheology - a branch of physics - deals with understanding the relation of the flow and deformation behavior of material and its internal structure.

The rheology additives in Perma-Chink help ensure that the polymer properties meet specifications for the end use (texture, product film properties) and product quality.

Rheological properties of Perma-Chink

  • Greatly improved low shear (as in standing after application) results in high viscosity to prevent slumping
  • High shear (as in pumping ) decreases viscosity to make the product easier to apply and tool.

Tips On Applying Perma-Chink

Some people think that Perma-Chink sealant is just like any other caulking product on the market, so they apply and finish it with the same methods. Typically, with silicone caulking can be smoothed just by running a damp finger along the bead of caulking. Using that method with Perma-Chink will net you less than desirable results. To get a smooth, clean finish with Perma-Chink, spray the sealant liberally with water then tool it with a metal spatula or similar. It may seem counter-intuitive to apply water to smooth it, but it's the best method. Unlike smooth caulking, the texture in Perma-Chink (and Energy Seal) need more water to maintain a smooth finish. And it'll be much, much easier.



Blister Test Result for Perma-Chink


Blister Test Result for Other Brand


Slump Test Result for Perma-Chink


Slump Test Result for Other Brand


*Substrate conditions such as substrate outgassing, volatiles in the wood and backing materials can contribute to formation of blisters.

Want to learn how to apply log home chinking? Download our Sealants Application Guide here

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