“I wanted to drop you a line and let you know about the good feedback we have had on the Perma-Chink’s Energy Seal caulk.  When our customers come into our office, they’re able to compare all of the different caulk lines that we carry. Due to the great variety of color options, Energy Seal is typically a winner for them.  Our customers report that they like the texture of the caulk and the ease of application.  I also want to thank all of the Perma Chink staff for the quick and friendly service we always receive on our orders. Keep up the great work, and I look forward to a great year forward!”

Kathy Webb
Twin Creeks Log Home Supply, Inc.

“It was hard to make up our minds to switch from competitor’s products to the Perma-Chink products but we are glad that we did.
The Lifeline stains are so much easier to work with.”
Ross Mahosky,
Mountainside Log Homes Inc.
Jim Barna Log & Timber Homes.

marks lumber home“Perma-Chink Systems and Marks Lumber have been partners for almost 5 years. We take pride in offering our customers best-of-breed products that add value to our core specialty lumber products business. With Perma-Chink we have confidence in the full-line of products, and we can rely on the great customer service and product expertise. This makes Perma-Chink recommendations to our valued customers the best choice for our industry partner.”
Marks Lumber, Inc. Clancy, MT
Products in Picture – Ultra2, Lifeline Advance, & Perma-Chink

We built our log home in 2014. We used Perma-Chink stain on the interior and exterior.  Steve Gazikas has helped us step by step throughout the entire process. We can't thank him enough for sharing his knowledge with us and most important his patience with answering all our questions. We are very happy with the Perma-Chink products. We highly recommend Perma-Chink Systems Inc for all your log home needs.

Brock and Crystal Dellrose, TN

hand hewn logsDear Perma-Chink Systems, Inc. of Stevensville, MT.

I am very impressed with your outstanding customer service and products!  When I called your store, Shar patiently answered all my questions and assured me that there would be no wait time for the chinking and the grip strips I needed, as they were in stock. Prior to my pick-up date I called to confirm that my order would be ready. Unfortunately, the Perma-chink store was not scheduled to be open on my pick-up date.  My special thanks to store manager, Joanne, for happily making special arrangements for me to pick up my order on the desired date!  Now that is down-home, Montana-style customer service at its best!! In this computer-age of impersonal, internet purchasing, I am especially impressed with the personal customer assistance I experienced! This is very much in keeping with the neighborly, pioneering spirit in which our Montana forefathers built the log cabins Perma-Chink is now helping to preserve!!!  Thank you, Joanne and Perma-Chink of Stevensville! 
Sincerely, Maria Gallegos

P.S.  I am enclosing photographs of the chinking project still in progress, as well as an article that was recently written about me and my "house project."  Like many Montana homes that were built to entice Homesteaders, my house has an 1800s era log cabin as part of its original structure.  I have been carefully working on this restoration/remodel project for the past 15 years and was thrilled when I uncovered the hand-hewn logs hidden behind the old lathe and plaster. It was like opening the pages of a long-forgotten history book!  In keeping with the integrity and roots of my home, I knew those logs walls would remain exposed to showcase its humble beginnings.

30 2after30 1beforeGood afternoon,

I have meant to send this email for a few weeks as I just wanted to share the before and after photos of a great job completed by Back Country Cabins and their sub contractor Jeff Long.

I have owned my cabin since 2004 which is when I first used Perma-Chink products to stain the cabin and garage.  I attended a seminar to see if completing the staining and sealing of the cabin was something I wanted to complete myself or hire someone.  I obtained several recommendations of contractors and went with Back Country Cabins.  I started the process in May and due to weather and previously scheduled jobs my cabin was finally completed in October and it looks amazing.

Thank you for such a great product and having such reliable contractors to recommend.

Respectfully a Perma-Chink customer for life,

Rebecca Chapple, KY


turner loghomeWe have been living in our log home for over seven years now and I can’t begin to express how pleased I am with the performance of  Perma-Chink Finishes! Last year the only thing we did was switch from a flat finish to a semi-gloss top coat. The stain we initially used has performed well with very little pealing or fading. I would highly recommend this product to anyone. It is a easy product to work with and looks great!

Jerry Turner
Stone Lake, WI

“I don’t know if you hear this often but I just wanted
to say that it’s a pleasure using Perma-Chink products. You guy’s make good

(Primary products used, Ultra-2, LogWash, Advance Top Coat. Called in
today for one more gallon of each for touch up after 8 or so years of use.)

VG Giles
Forks, WA

Perma-Chink Systems Inc.,

Over the last year or so I have ordered a number of products from Permachink for a cabin project I have going on. I just wanted to drop a note and say that I have dealt with people from Perma-Chink Corporate, Dave in PA, Brad in the online orders dept., and several others who have assisted me with advice and their knowledge.  It’s very rare that I find a company that everyone I deal with is friendly and helpful every time you call.  I am in the commercial construction industry so we don’t typically use Permachink Products on commercial buildings but if we did I would make sure that you guys were who we went to for our supplies.  Thanks and not sure who will receive this but if I had the option I would send this note straight to your CEO. 

Chris Schnurbusch,
President South East Region
Crossland Construction Inc
Rogers, AR  72758


I've received the samples you sent and have been playing with them.  I cannot put into words how impressed I am with the few I've already tried!!! Even on "old" weathered wood!! The richness of the stains (have used a few of the Lifeline Ultra-7 stains and topcoat) have blown me away and is building the confidence to tackle our log home! I'm trying out a few of the stain strippers today but had to let you know, rather than dreading this project alone, I now look forward to it! I tried to call your TN office but think they're closed today so I'll try them again on Monday.
Again, thank you for allowing me to test these products!!
Catherine Hazen
Brandon MS


Don & I would like to thank you for coming by the house to advise us on the log cabin. It was so generous of you to take the time to walk through the place & share your knowledge & expertise on all things "log cabin". I can't tell you how helpful that was for us. We also appreciate the references for contractors & I will be calling them to meet & hopefully be to engage their services.

Thank you again we really appreciate it!

Warm Regards

Colleen Timney
Don Camody, Esq
Brentwood, TN  37027

Hi Terry,

I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful experience I had when I called in this morning to ask a ton of questions about everything on our log home that has a home built around it. We are looking to clean and stain and I reached Billy in Customer Service and he was so knowledgeable and helpful and professional. I also called a couple weeks ago and spoke with another gentleman who was very helpful and knowledgeable although I did not get his name. It's very obvious your Team knows their stuff and go above and beyond to assist and it's so refreshing as a customer to get that kind of help - especially when you're remodeling and purchasing a lot of things.

Thanks you to your Team for being the best experience during a challenging remodel. I would highly recommend Perma-Chink Systems!

Colleen Timney
Don Camody, Esq
Brentwood, TN  37027

Thank you so much for all your help (and patience) today. You are a wealth of knowledge!  I can't wait to receive the free samples. After talking with you, I put together a "Log Home" notebook, which will include these helpful Tech Tips.
I feel like I can do this, Thanks to you!
C Thurman
Claremore, OK

I want thank you guys for the great products Perma-Chink offers. I just had my log home exterior completely redone. We used Perma-Chink products only. I visited you guys before I started this project. I was very impressed. I met Jimmy when I arrived at the store, he was very helpful! He answered any question I had, he explained each of the different products Perma-Chink offered, and explained how they worked. I learned a lot from Jimmy from just one visit. I was very impressed when I left that day, I was sold on Perma-Chink products. I came to the class you guys offered. It was great and once again I learned a lot. Finally, I just want to thank Jimmy for the great customer support he gave my wife and me when we visited and also the great products you guys offer.

Thank you,

Blake@Lucretia Medlin

Cookeville, TN 38506

Good Morning Shar,

It was good to see you Thursday when we stopped by to pick up more Advance topcoat product.  I looked on the Permachink website yesterday, hoping to find a main contact email for management @ Permachink, because I wanted to tell them of our good experience with Permachink, you and your staff. Unfortunately, I did not see an option to email management, so I'll just put my thoughts in this note back to you with the hope that you will forward it on to the right person.  We'd appreciate that! 

First, I want to recount the many compliments we have received on the appearance of the logs in our home.  The handcrafted Douglas Fir log structure was built nearly 2 years ago, and we did all of our own staining and chinking work with the 2-coat variety of Dark Natural stain & Advance topcoat & Energy Seal.  The best compliment came recently from a TPI professional inspector who we brought to our home to determine if our new deck timbers met building department spec's.  After he completed the deck inspection, he asked for a tour of our home, and his amazement with the finish was apparent.  He inquired about who did the work and what the product was.  His final comment was "Very nicely finished".  We felt humbled at such a compliment from a professional in the Timber industry.  (Made us smile!)

Secondly, of course, since we have just built a log home, we look more closely at other log homes & their finishes.  One nearby 5 year old home in particular stands out as an example of what happens when "Cabot Oil" product was used on the exterior of the handcrafted log home.  The Engleman Spruce logs appear extremely dry, especially on the

sunny south side, with a black color developing on the most-exposed rounded part of the logs.  We don't know what chinking/caulking product was used, but it is shrinking and cracking, leaving gaps that allow cold air in.  It looks like much work if the owner tried to bring back the initial "healthy log" color and finish....and we are thankful we did not make that choice in finish products!  Lastly, we appreciate the working relationship we have with you, Shar, and your office staff in Rifle.  Not only do you readily know us when we phone in for advice or to purchase more product, but it is a wonderful feeling to be instantly recognized by name when we walk into your office.  Whether we make the long drive to your location  to pick up Permachink, or arrange to have a friend pick up product, or have you mail buckets to our address, the order is always correct and promptly available.   Since the stain color choice was a one-time decision for us....we needed to look at many samples, and we appreciate the patience you exhibited during that process.  (We have no question that we were able to choose the right color for us). 

There have been so many decisions involved in our log home building project, and our choice to use Permachink has proven to be one of the best decisions we made.  Our home looks great, is sealed up tight and there is no doubt that we have protected our logs so they will last well int the future.

Thank You!
Best Regards, Julie Schott 

I need to share my recent experience at your Knoxville branch where your employee, Billy Cash, went above and beyond standard customer service. While vacationing in Sevierville, a friend and I came to the Knoxville store unannounced to get some information to restore the logs and chinking on my home. Mr. Cash was at the front desk doing office work but, for the next two hours, we were his primary focus. He was very attentive to all of our questions, he took me through the entire Perma-Chink product line, showed us several videos and even allowed me to try my hand at chinking on your demonstration wall.
You should be proud to have an employee that is as customer minded as Mr. Cash. He is also a natural teacher and a patient listener. My friend and I came away from the visit with a full appreciation of your many products and your helpful staff.

Rebecca Scott
Gate City, VA

Brian, I pulled the trigger couple days ago on $1K worth of product. What is amazing is that it arrived on my doorstep within 24 hours of ordering it! Not sure how you guys did that (60+lbs of stain) so fast? Amazing and Fantastic! Thx, Clark

Dear PermaChink,

We will be using your products for the log cabin we're building this year. They are part of our log package from Appalachian Log Homes.

It's not easy to choose stain colors. Color squares in brochures are some help but it's difficult to imagine the entire log exterior by looking at that small square of color. What I am finding helpful is the detailed labeling of what was used on the homes that appear in the exterior photo gallery on your website. These online galleries are great, but only if the customer knows what product/color/finish was used to achieve the pictured result. Otherwise, they're just pretty pictures. So, thanks for providing those lines of information for each photo! Not everyone does.

Linda Smith
Oberlin, Ohio

Thank you Perma-Chink Systems, Inc. for offering such a great line up of log home products.   We have successfully used your product line on hundreds of homes over the past 15 years and have never found a product to beat the quality and longevity of your Lifeline stains, and the complete Perma-Chink Systems, Inc. Product Line.

Your exterior stain products including Lifeline Exterior, Ultra 2, and Ultra 7 have proven themselves to be industry leaders in protecting log homes for our clients from North to South, and East to West for over 15 years.

We highly recommend the Lifeline Prelude as a base coat because it acts as a primer thereby giving a more even color consistency throughout the log staining process.  The added UV Boost included in the Prelude protects the logs from UV damage and darkening of the wood caused by the sun which is an added bonus and another reason to use Prelude.

When applying the Lifeline Ultra-2 to a home the color goes on more evenly and with our spraying and back brushing application method the finished product couldn’t possibly look better.  We use this product on a lot of older homes and time and time again the homeowners tell us that the home didn’t look this good when it was new. 

When using the Perma Chink Systems, Inc. Lifeline Exterior Stains along with the Lifeline Advance Clear topcoat we have found the extra protection it offers really does add to the longevity of the stain color and the overall appearance of our clients homes. 

In over 20 years of working in the log home industry building and restoring log homes all across America we have found that the complete Perma-Chink Systems, Inc. product line simply outlast all other products we have used in years past.  Hands down Perma-Chink Systems, Inc. offers the “Best of the Best” log home products in the Industry.

Thank you again Perma-Chink Systems, Inc. for the best quality log home product on the market and the best customer service personnel at all locations.  Your product quality and attention to the industry needs have helped us achieve and maintain our industry goals of being the best at what we do.

Your Personnel have been instrumental over the years in helping us with everything from basic product knowledge all the way to understanding the science behind your products and how they work to achieve the end results.  

It is nice to have such top quality products at our disposal and even more important is the added value that your well trained staff of employees from the office to the Chemist offer us on a daily basis. 

We would like to thank all of your Employees, and especially the Knoxville Staff we have dealt directly with over the past 15 years.


Danny and Connie Beamer
Beamer’s Better Builders
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

"Hi Kevin, This is wintertime view of the front (north) of our home.


We applied Perma-Chink Products to the south side last October.


 We tested the existing finish before deciding how much work to do.


 This is the nearly completed south side.


Very satisfying to caulk and seal the logs and to have a durable finish on them. A worthwhile project, thanks to quality materials from Perma-Chink.


 Bob W. in NV

"Awesome. You guys are very customer focused. I recognize and appreciate that and will certainly be a return customer. Thanks again Terry!"

Dave A. in NY

This is to thank you for your products. As a Professional Finisher and Chinker, I have used several different products. What I have come to love about Perma-Chink Products is how well each product is on an individual basis, but more than that how well they work with each other as a complete system.

The Chink material was phenomenal. I used this product and saw firsthand how user friendly it is and how great it stands up. It also cut my labor cost approximately 35%, which enables me to keep more money in the company so that we can continue to grow. The stains apply nice and appear to be very durable.

Thank you for introducing me and my company to your products. I look forward to having many more satisfied customers using your Perma-Chink Systems products"

Glenn S. in MT

"Once again Brad, thank you for your time, patience, consideration, and work to get this out to me. Above and beyond what I was expecting.

Thank you so much!"

Lisa C. in MO

I do not often write letters of appreciation.  However, we are thrilled with our completed project.  We are very satisfied with Perma-Chink Systems products and will not hesitate to turn to Perma-Chink in the future."

Jesse B. in VA

"I'd like to send a strong "Hurray" for both Perma Chink products and West Fork Log Homes. Verdell and his crew just completed blasting, restaining and sealing our log home with Perma Chink products. It's BEAUTIFUL! Our home has never looked better and I can honestly say that I'm perfectly happy with the way it now looks.

A representative of Perma Chink actually visited the work site and was very personable and informative about interior processes that I want to undertake. The West Fork crew was GREAT! They were friendly, knowledgeable, hardworking, and conscientious about doing a really good job. I would most highly recommend both Perma Chink and West Fork Log Homes to anyone who wants to make their home brand new again."

Jayne B. in NE

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