"I would like to thank [Perma-Chink’s regional sales manager] Eric Huff for his cooperation and professionalism.  He displayed an encyclopedic knowledge of the industry and the products he represents.  He represented himself and Perma Chink Systems, Inc. in the best way possible. While many companies mouth “customer service” platitudes, few achieve the level of customer service your company does."

Corrine F. in IN

“I recently purchased your products and am pleased with both service and the products.  Phone conversations were helpful and professional.  Never did I feel pressured to place an order.  I was asked to send a photo of my log home so that a color of chink could be determined.  Kathy Murdock made sure my order was promptly and effectively shipped.

After receiving the material in good shape, I realized the color I had chosen was much too light. Linda & David Hess were very helpful with an exchange and the transaction and additional purchases were smooth. The chinking material looks very good. I built my business by listening to my customers. My thanks to David Hess and Kathy Murdock for making the purchase a good experience.”

Charles S. in VT

"Have received the replacement tubes and they arrived safely. Thank you so much for taking the extra step in customer satisfaction.

The product works great. We have gotten the paint off of seven logs now and have applied the energy sealer. Looks great and very pleased with the product!"

Susan P. in MN

"I am in Texas where the cabin is, so I wanted to send these couple of pictures to you.  My brother in law and sister are very happy with the Log Wash, stain and topcoat, he was really impressed Thanks to Kirk Allaire at Real Logs for recommending your product line to us."

Kirk O. in TX

"Hi Kathy, 

I realized that I had forgotten to thank you for taking the time to provide an analysis of how we can help restore our square log home with Perma-Chink products.  You were wonderful to work with and give a highly knowledged and comprehensive understanding of what we need to do.

We received the sample kit and plan to begin next spring as soon as the weather is supportive.  It will be a big project.

Many thanks and kind regards."

Michael L. in IA

"Can't believe it. The stain I ordered yesterday at 3pm arrived at 10am this morning. Incredible service & logistics from you, as well as UPS. Only in America!"

Jerry A. in TN

"Dear Rick,

I want to thank you and Tony H. so much for the way the two of you and Perma-Chink have handled the problems I've had with the chinking of my home in East Texas. Although there was some bubbling in the areas most exposed to the sun, there were also problems related to the thinner than recommended installation.

Notwithstanding the blame you and Perma-Chink could have laid on the installer, you chose instead to see to it that it was repaired properly.  This says volumes about the integrity and compassion of you and Perma-Chink toward the satisfaction of their customers. It also says that you stand by your product 100%.

Please use me as a reference at any time regarding the character of Perma-Chink's management and the company's desire to completely satisfy it's customers.  Thank you again."

R. Miller in TX

"Hi Joanne and crew!

We want to thank you for hosting us Saturday and putting on such a professional, informative program!

My wife and I have both been involved in numerous seminars over the years - banking, coaching, city government. You can imagin how tentative we have become about going to someone else's office for training. Your presentation was such a fresh and interesting time that we were really disappointed that we had to leave!

We are hoping to retire (soon) and get to our dream property near Orofino ID. Of course, we plan to do as much as possible the entire cleaning, staining and sealing program on our cabin. We will be in further touch with you.

Again, thank you very much for a great time!"

Bob T. in ID

"Hello, Terry. This is Bob D. I am writing a letter of thanks to you about Jennifer Stroud. She has been an outstanding saleslady in guiding me through my cabin-refinishing project, and because of her patience and expertise, I now have a place that looks like new. She understands the products and knew what would give me the best results. I had several issues with the cabin, and she helped me resolve them. I am extremely happy with what I've accomplished, but I felt you should know what a valuable employee you have in Jennifer and what a great job she does in representing the Perma-Chink product line. Thanks!"

Bob D. in TX

"Thanks so much, Amie. We love the Perm-Chink products. We finally found a product that looks beautiful on our log home and holds up well."

David R. in GA

"Thank you for such great advice at the seminar. My decks are done and I started my garage. I will always use Perma-Chink products."

From Becky C. in NC

"Awesome!!! Thank you so much for telling me what to look for when I put the topcoat on and for ALL the advice you have given me. You just don't know how much I appreciate it!!! I feel so much more confident in taking care of this house! And from now on, I will speak with Perma-Chink before ever doing anything with these logs."

David R. in OH

"Dear Perma-Chink,

In October of 1998 my wife, Wendy, and I purchased a 112 year old log home in the Bitterroot valley.  The house had been neglected for some time.  Missing chinking had been replaced with "expanding foam" type insulation. The home's original beauty was a hidden treasure waiting to be uncovered.

After attending a product seminar at your Victor location and obtaining valuable information, we began the restoration. Beginning with the interior second floor, we stripped, stained, sealed and chinked. The result was gratifying. We next moved to the exterior. Using the Buddy Blaster and corn media the outside was stripped in a day with very little feathering of the wood. Again, staining, sealing and chinking followed.

All the products and tools we used performed just as expected, but even more important to us, the level of service we received was ourstanding.  With more than a five month gap in visits to your showroom, I was greeted by name and asked about my family and projec: That, to me, is a very important part of conducting business. I hope you will pass along my appreciation to Joanne and Richard for their knowledge, courtesy and professional manner. It is always a pleasure stopping in to see them."

Keith C. in MT

"Great job Perma-Chink and very much appreciated!  You made another happy customer— Take care!"

Jennifer S. in TN

"Thank you also for your time and attention to detail. I will review all info you sent and consider the training online as well as Log End Seal and borate. I will forward all this information to our contractor as well so all are on same page. Thanks again and have a wonderful evening:

James P. in CO

"Brad, I sealed the inside with the Perma-Chink and the Log Gap Caps. These are great products. The Perma-Chink is far better than the original caulk we used 10 years ago. Easy to work with and clean up – great stuff."

John R. in MA

"I want to thank you for everything.  Your folks are great to work with... Talk to u soon!"

Michael T. in OR

"I purchased my supplies from you again recently. :) Love your products.  It’s been on our log home for 20 years! Thanks again.  Great customer service every time."

Tina M. in NJ

“Dear Perma-Chink,

What an outstanding donation to Pantry Partners! Thank you for your support. Your thoughtfulness will be remembered and greatly appreciated.
Your very generous donation [272 pounds of grocery items collected from customers attending a Nov 2013 Perma-Chink workshop] makes it possible for the families and the seniors to have a very nice Christmas!

You are great! Thank you.”

Pantry Parners in MT

"Dear Joanne and Staff,

Thank you for the very informative seminar 4/16. It was beautifully set up, professional, thought out and generous. I learned a lot. I appreciated the goodies and hands on demonstratons. The samples are very helpful for home decision making.

You all showed your knowledge and willingness to help clearly.

Good job!'

Kathryn B. in ID

“I thought you may like to see this. I attended one of your spring seminars this year and learned the necessary steps to use and apply your company’s products. I have to say, each and every product I used (whether I was skeptical or not) performed exactly as it was marketed. I used nearly everything, including the glass media, Osborn brush, Prelude, Ultra 7, Advance Gloss Topcoat, Chink, Check Mate, Energy Seal, Log End Seal, E-Wood and what seemed to be miles of backer rod!
I was amazed by the transformation my client's home went through and equally amazed by the product and continued customer support I received during the application and learning process. My hat's off to Perma-Chink. Great product. Great service. I look forward to the next opportunity I have to work with you!"

Steve S. in ID

“Hi, I was just writing a quick email to thank Brian D. for all the help during the seminar we had last Thursday.  There were several qualifying points which he was able to clarify for me that saved me time.  I was very impressed with his knowledge set.  He was also extremely personable.   Thanks.”

Bradley J. in MD

“Dear Greg,

As you know, after a severe hailstorm two years ago, Gary and I had to blast and refinish our 34-year-old log home this summer, finishing the work around Labor Day. We have had neighbors come over, run their hands over the logs and ask how we got such gorgeous wood on our home. Or had others who said how wonderful our home looked from the rural road we live on. Here is where we want to thank you personally for helping us to effectively use Perma-Chink products for the longevity and spectacular beauty of our log home.

From the very beginning, you walked us through the order of the steps to be taken. Such as getting batch numbers for Prelude and Sequoia stain. Explaining which product was necessary for the next step and why that product was needed. Saying how precisely to apply it, while also answering questions about daily weather and heat conditions, etc.

We felt free to call you any time of the day when we had questions. You were always thoughtful and thorough in your answers, in addition to being extremely friendly and encouraging to us for such a labor intensive and expensive project. You helped us to understand why Perma-Chink was the best choice, even if not the least expensive option.

When we needed to test products, you called your office in Stevensville and had free samples sent to us by the next day. You also helped us to understand how our Rocky Mountain weather conditions would affect how we used the products at high altitudes, with very dry and hot weather and intense UV light. These are all different from conditions in Kentucky, where it can be humid, where dry rot is not a problem and where extreme direct sunlight is not necessarily the name of the game. You helped us to identify and sort through all the various parameters to successfully carry out the project so that it would last for many years in the future. We will keep up the Log Washing each year and apply Advance in two years as you explained to us how to test this on different sides of the house.

We also want to thank you for helping us to use a multi-step process in a way that was under warrantee and accomplished precisely what we needed to do according to weather and product requirements.

We gained tremendous knowledge and confidence that Perma-Chink was the right way to go under your tutelage. We don't recall support representatives from any other company ever being as available and helpful as you have been. We hope that you also can recognize how much your expertise helps not only homeowners, but contractors too, to carry out a successful Perma-Chink process that is not always necessarily straight forward.

Your "technical support" really made the entire difference in our comfort level and success. Our home now looks spectacular, thanks greatly to your input. Thank you so much, Greg, for all of your help, knowledge, and ability to guide us through a long and complex project.”  

Nancy L. in MT

"To whom it may concern: My wife and I recently had the pleasure of stopping in at your Sevierville TN store to just look around. I was in the area on a vacation and wanted to see about some items. I have used several of your products in the renovating of our log home and was curious on some others.

I had the pleasure of meeting Eddie McDaniels, who I found out later was the store manager. He was very helpful in answering all my questions and provided a good solid foundation on the ideas I had for further work I had planned on our cabin. He is the type of person I would try to recruit from your company if I had a business operating in your field. He was attentive, knowledgeable and displayed a great pride in working for Perma-Chink Systems.

This type of employee certainly shows the high degree of professionalism that your company maintains and shows every time I have contacted one of your stores for either a product or advice. It is a pleasure to do business with a company that has this standard for their business ethics. Keep up the great work.”

Richard R. in TN

"Thanks for such prompt service. We have been working on our old logs (30 years old) for the past week and are amazed at the results so far. I’m really happy that we choose Perma-Chink for our renovation. The products we’ve used so far have lived up to our expectations and then some. This last bit of stain will finish the outside (other than the clear coat that we’ve got) and then it’s on to the inside. Exciting to see the real beauty of our logs. Thanks!"

Cynthia M., KY

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