Compliments on Our Log Home!

Good Morning Shar,

It was good to see you Thursday when we stopped by to pick up more Advance topcoat product.  I looked on the Permachink website yesterday, hoping to find a main contact email for management @ Permachink, because I wanted to tell them of our good experience with Permachink, you and your staff. Unfortunately, I did not see an option to email management, so I'll just put my thoughts in this note back to you with the hope that you will forward it on to the right person.  We'd appreciate that! 

First, I want to recount the many compliments we have received on the appearance of the logs in our home.  The handcrafted Douglas Fir log structure was built nearly 2 years ago, and we did all of our own staining and chinking work with the 2-coat variety of Dark Natural stain & Advance topcoat & Energy Seal.  The best compliment came recently from a TPI professional inspector who we brought to our home to determine if our new deck timbers met building department spec's.  After he completed the deck inspection, he asked for a tour of our home, and his amazement with the finish was apparent.  He inquired about who did the work and what the product was.  His final comment was "Very nicely finished".  We felt humbled at such a compliment from a professional in the Timber industry.  (Made us smile!)

Secondly, of course, since we have just built a log home, we look more closely at other log homes & their finishes.  One nearby 5 year old home in particular stands out as an example of what happens when "Cabot Oil" product was used on the exterior of the handcrafted log home.  The Engleman Spruce logs appear extremely dry, especially on the

sunny south side, with a black color developing on the most-exposed rounded part of the logs.  We don't know what chinking/caulking product was used, but it is shrinking and cracking, leaving gaps that allow cold air in.  It looks like much work if the owner tried to bring back the initial "healthy log" color and finish....and we are thankful we did not make that choice in finish products!  Lastly, we appreciate the working relationship we have with you, Shar, and your office staff in Rifle.  Not only do you readily know us when we phone in for advice or to purchase more product, but it is a wonderful feeling to be instantly recognized by name when we walk into your office.  Whether we make the long drive to your location  to pick up Permachink, or arrange to have a friend pick up product, or have you mail buckets to our address, the order is always correct and promptly available.   Since the stain color choice was a one-time decision for us....we needed to look at many samples, and we appreciate the patience you exhibited during that process.  (We have no question that we were able to choose the right color for us). 

There have been so many decisions involved in our log home building project, and our choice to use Permachink has proven to be one of the best decisions we made.  Our home looks great, is sealed up tight and there is no doubt that we have protected our logs so they will last well int the future.

Thank You!
Best Regards, Julie Schott 

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