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Log And Timber Home Maintenance

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There is no secret in retaining the beauty of your log home. A little care and maintenance along with the use of quality products designed specifically for log homes will keep your home looking great for generations to come.


The proper application of preservatives, stains and finishes is equally important as the prep work to the wood.



restore maintenance guide  STEP 1SURFACE PREP

 Over the years we have discovered that chlorine bleach is not a good product to use for cleaning wood surfaces, it contributes to several problems including the loss of film adhesion, discolorations due to tannin extraction, and the formation of iron tannates, streaks, blotches and premature failures of the finish system. We have also discovered that several wood and deck cleaners available at paint and hardware stores, home improvement centers and Do-It-Yourself outlets contain components that interfere with the proper performance of wood stains and finishes.

With this in mind we have decided that the ONLY cleaning products approved for use with our finishes are those products supplied or recommended by Perma-Chink Systems, Inc.

  1. If the wood has not grayed, wash the surface with Log Wash™ solution and a pressure washer no more than seven (7) days prior to staining. Rinse well and allow the wood to dry.
  2. If you are finishing Western Red Cedar, Redwood, Walnut or Mahogany, use Cedar Wash™, a ready-to-use cleaner, instead of Log Wash for better surface preparation and finish longevity on these specific wood substrates.
  3. If there are signs of grayed wood, use Wood ReNew according to the label along with a pressure washer. Rinse well and allow wood surface to dry before staining.
  4. If after washing there are still dark streaks or discolorations, use a solution of Oxcon™ on the entire wall. Rinse well and allow the wood to dry before staining.


Download Cleaning Guide in pdf

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 preserve maintenance guide STEP 2PRESERVE

Special purpose preservatives to protect against termites, insects, wood rot, mold and mildew.


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stain maintenance guide  STEP 3STAIN and FINISH

 Finishes to protect and bring the beauty of your exterior and interior walls, decks and floors. 


Stains and Finishes Application Guide

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seal maintenance guide  STEP 4 - SEAL and CHINK

Flexible sealants for every weather-proofing job around your chinked or chinkless style log home.


Sealants Application Guide

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Check for weathering patterns that can include:

  1. Fading of the finish.

To test your finish or stain, use a spray bottle to mist the logs with water. If the water beads up and runs off like a freshly waxed care, then it’s doing it’s job. If logs soak up water, then you’ll need another application of finish.

  1. Water staining on exposed log ends.

If you have exposed timbers on the underside of your eaves that extend flush with the overhang or protrude past it, the ends of these logs are susceptible to rot. Treat with Shell-Guard then sand and seal with Log End Seal.

  1. Water staining on exposed walls.

Check flashing around the windows to ensure that all water is being channeled out and down the exterior walls. Water stains of the logs or drafts around the windows or doors indicate that air and water is infiltrating your home. The right sealant is the solution for this problem.


Download Inspection Checklist here

Log and Timber Home Maintenance in Details here

Log Homes with an Existing Finish That is Still in Good Condition

If a maintenance coat of Lifeline stain or topcoat is going to be applied over an existing Lifeline finish, wash the coating surface with Log Wash solution no more than seven (7) days prior to staining. Rinse well and allow the wood to dry, then apply a fresh coat of stain or finish.

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