"Thanks so much, Amie. We love the Perm-Chink products. We finally found a product that looks beautiful on our log home and holds up well."

David R. in GA

"Thank you for such great advice at the seminar. My decks are done and I started my garage. I will always use Perma-Chink products."

From Becky C. in NC

"Have received the replacement tubes and they arrived safely. Thank you so much for taking the extra step in customer satisfaction.

The product works great. We have gotten the paint off of seven logs now and have applied the energy sealer. Looks great and very pleased with the product!"

Susan P. in MN

"Awesome!!! Thank you so much for telling me what to look for when I put the topcoat on and for ALL the advice you have given me. You just don't know how much I appreciate it!!! I feel so much more confident in taking care of this house! And from now on, I will speak with Perma-Chink before ever doing anything with these logs."

David R. in OH

"Once again Brad, thank you for your time, patience, consideration, and work to get this out to me. Above and beyond what I was expecting.

Thank you so much!"

Lisa C. in MO

"I am in Texas where the cabin is, so I wanted to send these couple of pictures to you.  My brother in law and sister are very happy with the Log Wash, stain and topcoat, he was really impressed Thanks to Kirk Allaire at Real Logs for recommending your product line to us."

Kirk O. in TX

"Great job Perma-Chink and very much appreciated!  You made another happy customer— Take care!"

Jennifer S. in TN

"Thank you also for your time and attention to detail. I will review all info you sent and consider the training online as well as Log End Seal and borate. I will forward all this information to our contractor as well so all are on same page. Thanks again and have a wonderful evening:

James P. in CO

"I want to thank you for everything.  Your folks are great to work with... Talk to u soon!"

Michael T. in OR

"Brad, I sealed the inside with the Perma-Chink and the Log Gap Caps. These are great products. The Perma-Chink is far better than the original caulk we used 10 years ago. Easy to work with and clean up – great stuff."

John R. in MA

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