“Dear Greg,

As you know, after a severe hailstorm two years ago, Gary and I had to blast and refinish our 34-year-old log home this summer, finishing the work around Labor Day. We have had neighbors come over, run their hands over the logs and ask how we got such gorgeous wood on our home. Or had others who said how wonderful our home looked from the rural road we live on. Here is where we want to thank you personally for helping us to effectively use Perma-Chink products for the longevity and spectacular beauty of our log home.

From the very beginning, you walked us through the order of the steps to be taken. Such as getting batch numbers for Prelude and Sequoia stain. Explaining which product was necessary for the next step and why that product was needed. Saying how precisely to apply it, while also answering questions about daily weather and heat conditions, etc.

We felt free to call you any time of the day when we had questions. You were always thoughtful and thorough in your answers, in addition to being extremely friendly and encouraging to us for such a labor intensive and expensive project. You helped us to understand why Perma-Chink was the best choice, even if not the least expensive option.

When we needed to test products, you called your office in Stevensville and had free samples sent to us by the next day. You also helped us to understand how our Rocky Mountain weather conditions would affect how we used the products at high altitudes, with very dry and hot weather and intense UV light. These are all different from conditions in Kentucky, where it can be humid, where dry rot is not a problem and where extreme direct sunlight is not necessarily the name of the game. You helped us to identify and sort through all the various parameters to successfully carry out the project so that it would last for many years in the future. We will keep up the Log Washing each year and apply Advance in two years as you explained to us how to test this on different sides of the house.

We also want to thank you for helping us to use a multi-step process in a way that was under warrantee and accomplished precisely what we needed to do according to weather and product requirements.

We gained tremendous knowledge and confidence that Perma-Chink was the right way to go under your tutelage. We don't recall support representatives from any other company ever being as available and helpful as you have been. We hope that you also can recognize how much your expertise helps not only homeowners, but contractors too, to carry out a successful Perma-Chink process that is not always necessarily straight forward.

Your "technical support" really made the entire difference in our comfort level and success. Our home now looks spectacular, thanks greatly to your input. Thank you so much, Greg, for all of your help, knowledge, and ability to guide us through a long and complex project.”  

Nancy L. in MT

"To whom it may concern: My wife and I recently had the pleasure of stopping in at your Sevierville TN store to just look around. I was in the area on a vacation and wanted to see about some items. I have used several of your products in the renovating of our log home and was curious on some others.

I had the pleasure of meeting Eddie McDaniels, who I found out later was the store manager. He was very helpful in answering all my questions and provided a good solid foundation on the ideas I had for further work I had planned on our cabin. He is the type of person I would try to recruit from your company if I had a business operating in your field. He was attentive, knowledgeable and displayed a great pride in working for Perma-Chink Systems.

This type of employee certainly shows the high degree of professionalism that your company maintains and shows every time I have contacted one of your stores for either a product or advice. It is a pleasure to do business with a company that has this standard for their business ethics. Keep up the great work.”

Richard R. in TN

“I recently purchased your products and am pleased with both service and the products.  Phone conversations were helpful and professional.  Never did I feel pressured to place an order.  I was asked to send a photo of my log home so that a color of chink could be determined.  Kathy Murdock made sure my order was promptly and effectively shipped.

After receiving the material in good shape, I realized the color I had chosen was much too light. Linda & David Hess were very helpful with an exchange and the transaction and additional purchases were smooth. The chinking material looks very good. I built my business by listening to my customers. My thanks to David Hess and Kathy Murdock for making the purchase a good experience.”

Charles S. in VT

"I would like to thank [Perma-Chink’s regional sales manager] Eric Huff for his cooperation and professionalism.  He displayed an encyclopedic knowledge of the industry and the products he represents.  He represented himself and Perma Chink Systems, Inc. in the best way possible. While many companies mouth “customer service” platitudes, few achieve the level of customer service your company does."

Corrine F. in IN

"I'd like to send a strong "Hurray" for both Perma Chink products and West Fork Log Homes. Verdell and his crew just completed blasting, restaining and sealing our log home with Perma Chink products. It's BEAUTIFUL! Our home has never looked better and I can honestly say that I'm perfectly happy with the way it now looks.

A representative of Perma Chink actually visited the work site and was very personable and informative about interior processes that I want to undertake. The West Fork crew was GREAT! They were friendly, knowledgeable, hardworking, and conscientious about doing a really good job. I would most highly recommend both Perma Chink and West Fork Log Homes to anyone who wants to make their home brand new again."

Jayne B. in NE

I do not often write letters of appreciation.  However, we are thrilled with our completed project.  We are very satisfied with Perma-Chink Systems products and will not hesitate to turn to Perma-Chink in the future."

Jesse B. in VA

This is to thank you for your products. As a Professional Finisher and Chinker, I have used several different products. What I have come to love about Perma-Chink Products is how well each product is on an individual basis, but more than that how well they work with each other as a complete system.

The Chink material was phenomenal. I used this product and saw firsthand how user friendly it is and how great it stands up. It also cut my labor cost approximately 35%, which enables me to keep more money in the company so that we can continue to grow. The stains apply nice and appear to be very durable.

Thank you for introducing me and my company to your products. I look forward to having many more satisfied customers using your Perma-Chink Systems products"

Glenn S. in MT

Here is my story! we live in eastern Kansas-south of KC 50 miles. Not a lot of log homes back here-but my father lives in central Idaho-- friends in southern Missouri both have log homes. I have spent a lot of time in your country so I am very familiar with log homes, chinking and different coating products.

We built our ranch style home 20 years ago and used cedar lap siding on it. needless to say it was literally falling off by 09' so here is what we did. a friend in Idaho owns a saw mill and I had him cut a whole load of fir into full 2" x 10" boards. we hauled them back to Kansas, ricked the up and dried them for 6-8 months. After they had properly dried I started the process of precutting everything to fit the house, following that we stained all sides of each board- and then applied 3 coats of your sealer to ALL sides of each board. After they were all installed we put one more top coat on the outside surface and then started the chinking process. I will tell you that I was dreading this part--however you sent me the stuff in 5 gal. pails-- used a bulk gun--and the disc to fill the gun. IT WAS SIMPLE!! We are very proud of what the final product has turned out.

My opinion is that you have the BEST product out there. the water base stuff was so much easier to deal with but when it dried its thick--shines and to this day there is no where on my house that needs any attention. Back here we have to deal with major humidity. By sealing all sides of every board the sealer has kept anything from cracking or checking. I have just watched my friend have a contractor restore his cabin. sandblast, re chink and refinish the entire cabin. Holy cow- I can only think that if he would have used Perma chink products he still might have a fat billfold. anyway thanks for your product. I know where to go when its time for a little touch up.. have a great day.

Tim D., KS

Tim D

"Our 14 year old log home had a very bad start, especially when it came to materials used to stain, caulk, chink...well the WHOLE nine yards…all was NOT well. My husband and I lay awake at night worried to no end.

I am so thankful for many things… I was buying groceries at our local Ingles and bought the magazine “Country’s Best Cabins”, the June 2013 edition. In it, I found your Perma-Chink add . I called your 800 number and spoke with an extremely helpful gentlemen (and I am SO sorry, I do not have his name) who referred me to Robert Baste, owner of Nothing But Logs out of Lithonia, Ga. Also, this nice gentlemen had your Rob Voigt mail me a ton of information regarding your WONDERUFL products. The rest is pure magic… Please see the attached pictures.

I want to take this time to thank Robert Baste and his entire crew, Raul and Alfredo, for making our log home a “dream home” instead of a “nightmare”! Just knowing Perma-chink and Robert are here for me gives me peace of mind!"

Marcia M., GA

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and offer my sincerest gratitude. Our company has the highest reputation for the kind of quality workmanship and attention to detail that our clients require. Cascade Mountain Log Homes log restoration division has become an area expert and Perma-Chink Systems has been a key component in our ability to offer outstanding product and service.

Perma-Chink Systems is the only product line that we recommend to our clients. We have tried the other products on the market, which are specific to our industry needs and found your entire family of evolutionary products to simply be the best. In addition to the exceptional product, the educational seminars have not only proven to be extremely helpful for our crews, but for our clients as well. The feedback has been tremendous."

Ted Boyd, Cascade Mountain Log Homes, WA

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