"Dear Rick,

I want to thank you and Tony H. so much for the way the two of you and Perma-Chink have handled the problems I've had with the chinking of my home in East Texas. Although there was some bubbling in the areas most exposed to the sun, there were also problems related to the thinner than recommended installation.

Notwithstanding the blame you and Perma-Chink could have laid on the installer, you chose instead to see to it that it was repaired properly.  This says volumes about the integrity and compassion of you and Perma-Chink toward the satisfaction of their customers. It also says that you stand by your product 100%.

Please use me as a reference at any time regarding the character of Perma-Chink's management and the company's desire to completely satisfy it's customers.  Thank you again."

R. Miller in TX

"Hi Kevin, This is wintertime view of the front (north) of our home.


We applied Perma-Chink Products to the south side last October.


 We tested the existing finish before deciding how much work to do.


 This is the nearly completed south side.


Very satisfying to caulk and seal the logs and to have a durable finish on them. A worthwhile project, thanks to quality materials from Perma-Chink.


 Bob W. in NV

"Can't believe it. The stain I ordered yesterday at 3pm arrived at 10am this morning. Incredible service & logistics from you, as well as UPS. Only in America!"

Jerry A. in TN

"Hello, Terry. This is Bob D. I am writing a letter of thanks to you about Jennifer Stroud. She has been an outstanding saleslady in guiding me through my cabin-refinishing project, and because of her patience and expertise, I now have a place that looks like new. She understands the products and knew what would give me the best results. I had several issues with the cabin, and she helped me resolve them. I am extremely happy with what I've accomplished, but I felt you should know what a valuable employee you have in Jennifer and what a great job she does in representing the Perma-Chink product line. Thanks!"

Bob D. in TX

"Awesome. You guys are very customer focused. I recognize and appreciate that and will certainly be a return customer. Thanks again Terry!"

Dave A. in NY

"Hi Kathy, 

I realized that I had forgotten to thank you for taking the time to provide an analysis of how we can help restore our square log home with Perma-Chink products.  You were wonderful to work with and give a highly knowledged and comprehensive understanding of what we need to do.

We received the sample kit and plan to begin next spring as soon as the weather is supportive.  It will be a big project.

Many thanks and kind regards."

Michael L. in IA

"Thanks so much, Amie. We love the Perm-Chink products. We finally found a product that looks beautiful on our log home and holds up well."

David R. in GA

"Thank you for such great advice at the seminar. My decks are done and I started my garage. I will always use Perma-Chink products."

From Becky C. in NC

"Have received the replacement tubes and they arrived safely. Thank you so much for taking the extra step in customer satisfaction.

The product works great. We have gotten the paint off of seven logs now and have applied the energy sealer. Looks great and very pleased with the product!"

Susan P. in MN

"Awesome!!! Thank you so much for telling me what to look for when I put the topcoat on and for ALL the advice you have given me. You just don't know how much I appreciate it!!! I feel so much more confident in taking care of this house! And from now on, I will speak with Perma-Chink before ever doing anything with these logs."

David R. in OH

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