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Log Boss

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Log and Timber Fasteners

We’ve made some changes to our new Log Boss fasteners. At the request of many of our customers we’ve brought the wings back and redesigned the head for better counter sinking and a 5/16” hex head driver.

The wings reduce the friction between the wood and the shank and clear out the splinters created as the fastener pulls down into the wood. This reduces the torque required to set the fastener into place. So if you want a fastener with maximum holding power and superior strength with less work, Log Boss is the answer. These fasteners were specifically designed by Perma-Chink Systems for the construction of log and timber structures. Their 3” long thread provides the grip necessary for pulling even the most difficult logs into place while the larger shank diameter increases the overall strength and pulling power.

Sizes & Prices

Sizes and Prices (Click Here to Order Online)

6" Box (250ea) - $180.50

7" Box (250ea) - $195.50 T-40 "old style" screws now $77.16*

8" Box (250ea) - $210.50

9" Box (250ea) - $215.50

10" Box (250ea) - $232.50

11" Box (250ea) - $260.50

12" Box (250ea) - $277.50

13" Box (250ea) - $302.50 T-40 "old style" screws now $117.45*

14" Box (150ea) - $210.50

15" Box (150ea) - $212.50

16" Box (150ea) - $227.50 T-40 "old style" screws now $147.44*

(*while supplies last, not available online, call to order)

Features & Statistics

  • Pre-drilling is not required
  • No washer needed. Drive it one time and forget it!
  • Flat head design easily counter sinks with maximum pulling power
  • Replaces the need for spikes or lag bolts
  • Lubrication coating speeds set time
  • Large threads prevent stripping out
  • Teflon® coating exceeds FM 4470 corrosion standards

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