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4. Stain and Finish

Lifeline™ finishes bring your log homes appearance to life. All Lifeline products are waterborne, breathable, flexible, durable wood finishes which also highlight the natural beauty of your log home. There are Lifeline products available for both interior and exterior walls.

What are the benefits of applying an exterior finish?

  • To make your home look it’s best
  • To protect your home from UV damage
  • To protect your wood from water damage
  • To provide protection from unsightly mold and mildew

There is no secret in retaining the beauty of your log home. A little care and maintenance along with the use of quality products designed specifically for log homes will not only keep your home looking great, but will also preserve the integrity of the logs and help prevent costly repairs. You can do no better than selecting any of Perma-Chink Systems Family of Log Home Products.


Lifeline Exterior Stains and Topcoats

lifeline accentsLifeline Ultra 7, Ultra 2 or Exterior followed with Lifeline Advance combine to form the ultimate exterior finish system for your log home, while with the use of Lifeline Accents and Lifeline Advance you can highlight certain areas such as window casements, fascia, and other trim areas. Through many years of research, development, and experience, Perma-Chink Systems has perfected waterborne finishes that provide the following benefits:

  • Lifeline stains and topcoats provide the best looking finish you can find. They distinguish your home by highlighting the grain and texture to bring out the natural beauty of your wood. Compare them to any finish you can find. Others have tried to copy the look and performance of Lifeline products, but have never succeeded.
  • Lifeline’s high performance polymers encase the wood fibers to protect the surface, where protection is so vital.
  • Lifeline forms a flexible, breathable coating that expands and contracts as well as allowing free travel to molecular water vapor to accommodate the seasonal expansion and shrinking of the wood.

Pigments and ultraviolet (UV) inhibitors are important components for protecting your wood. Although UV inhibitors help extend the life of the finish, it is the pigments that provide the majority of long-term protection against UV rays while highlighting the logs natural grain pattern. Lifeline Ultra 7, Ultra 2, Exterior, and Accents contain these necessary, valuable pigments. Lifeline finishes are easy to apply, release no toxic fumes, are not flammable, and clean up easily with soap and water.

Product Application

Initial application to your exterior is one coat of Lifeline Ultra 7 or two coats of Lifeline Ultra 2 or Lifeline Exterior, followed by one coat of Lifeline Advance. After your stain coats, an application of Log End Seal should be applied, to prevent moisture from entering the log ends, which will wick 10 times more moisture than the surface of the log. After these applications of Lifeline, your exterior should require little to no maintenance, other than an annual cleaning with Log Wash, for 3 to 5 years, typically. If local weather conditions are more severe than average, additional maintenance may be required.


Lifeline Interior Stains and Topcoats

HEARTHSTONE0705AGOSTINI-222-copyHere at Perma-Chink Systems we believe all interior surfaces should have a minimum of two applications of a finish. Are you looking for something to create the depth of color that a stain provides, or are you trying to keep your logs looking as natural as possible? Those two coats could be one coat of Lifeline Interior to enhance the grain pattern, or one coat of Prelude primer-sealer to create a clear, UV protected base, and one or more coats of Lifeline Acrylic or Sure Shine urethane/acrylic as a topcoat. Also, give considerations to Lifeline Accents, to help create highlights with their deeper colors on casements and trim.


Quick Reference - Tech Tips

Download Stains and Finishes Application Guide PDF pdf small

Download Cleaning Guidelines Tech Tip pdf small

Download How to Apply Lifleline Exterior Finishes Tech Tip pdf small

Download Advance Gloss or Satin Tech Tip pdf small

Download Log End Seal Tech Tip pdf small 

Download Maintenance Coats Tech Tip pdf small 

Download Applying Interior Finishes Tech Tip pdf small 

Download How to Apply Lifeline Interior Finishes Tech Tip pdf small

Next Steps

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