5. Wood Restoration

Despite our best efforts, sometimes problems devlop in wood that requires some more serious work than just stripping the finish or applying a new topcoat. Wood decay does happen, and it can be repaired if caught early enough. Perma-Chink Systems offers two-part epoxy products, M-Balm and E-Wood, to repair damaged logs.

If you're looking to restore your home's beauty through taking the wood down to bare wood and applying a new finish, we can help you with that, too. We offer S-100 and StripIt, environmentally-friendly water-based strippers.


Tech Tip


Tech Tip


About M-Balm & E-Wood Epoxies pdf small  Drying and Curing Times pdf small 
How to Repair Large Voids in Logs pdf small Inspecting Your Log Home pdf small
How to Use M-Balm & E-Wood pdf small  Log Home Inspection Checklist pdf small
Media Blasting Versus Chemical Stripping pdf small Washing Media Blasted Surfaces pdf small
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Applying Finish Removers Using Airless Sprayers pdf small     

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  • A simple comparison of the cost of a gallon of wood stain is a mistake because all stains differ in their lifespan, coverage rate and quality of appearance and protection

    Whether you’re currently building your dream log home or simply checking off tasks on your annual home-maintenance “to do” list, we’re always looking for ways to skimp on expenses around the house.

    But when it comes to putting your best foot forward with a beautifully stained home that’s also protected from the exterior elements, you might want to think twice before being lured in by the lower price tag of a middle-of-the-road finishing product.

    Think about it

  • Lifeline Ultra-7 stands out as THE top-of-the-line, long-lasting finish. Take a look at our tutorial video on proper application technique.

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